Paly Boosters are a unique set of organizations which benefit Paly students at many levels.  They provide enrichment in classes, equipment, and extra-curricular activities in areas as diverse as theater, robotics, instrumental and vocal music, journalism and sports.  In short, they are the reason Paly can provide a rich and varied curriculum for our students, which supports interests in many fields.  Please consider donating to support these groups!  You can donate by check made out to the individual booster group, or online at the Paly store.  To donate by check, simply print out this form or the flyer found at the Booster link, and return it with a check in the name of that booster group to the main office.  Or, simply go to the Paly WebStore, and donate to each group you wish to support with just one checkout!

Thank you for supporting Paly Students!

Click here to download and print the information below (pdf).

Paly Choir Boosters (Friends of Paly Choir)

You can donate to Friends of Paly Choir through the Paly WebStore. Visit the Friends of Paly Choir website

Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about the Friends of Paly Choir.

Friends of the Palo Alto High School Choir are proud to support PALY’s award-winning choral program with over 120 students. FOPC pays for most of the choral program’s expenses – accompanist and arranger fees, travel to choral competitions, purchases of sheet music and concert attire – all the things that help the directors Mr. Michael Najar and Ms. Monica Covitt to create this outstanding program. In 2014 the choir will perform in Spain and FOPC will provide financial assistance to students who otherwise cannot afford the trip.

Your donations pay for the majority of our expenses. Please make a tax-deductible donation to FOPC today!

Suggested donation amounts:       $250            $100           $ 50                      other: (any amount is appreciated!)


Paly Music Boosters

Please Support the Paly Instrumental Music Program!

You can donate to the Music Boosters through the Paly WebStore. Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about the Music Boosters. Visit the Music Boosters website.

Our Instrumental Music Program is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on the generous financial support of you and other Paly parents.   Without your support, there are no resources to pay for instruments and instrument repair, professional Section Instructors, sheet music, technological upgrades to the music room, or special juried performances and trips.  Music is an integral piece of a student’s education.  It gives them a place where they belong at Paly and it develops skills that contribute to academic success.  Please contribute in any way you can!

             Duet $25                   $50 Sonata                  $100 Concerto                  $250 Opus                  $500 Symphony


Paly Media Arts Boosters

You can donate to the Media Arts Boosters through the Paly WebStore. Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about the Media Arts Boosters. Visit the Media Arts Boosters website.

Did you know over 500 kids participate in some form of Paly Media Arts? You can donate to the Media Arts Boosters through the Paly WebStore, to support Paly’s award winning programs, which include The Campanile Newspaper, Verde Magazine, The Viking Sports Magazine, The Paly Voice, InFocus, Madrono Yearbook, Proof Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Agora Foreign Affairs Magazine, and The Calliope Literary Magazine. These programs give students real life, hands-on experience in journalism, editing, graphic design, photography, and production.  The Paly Media Arts Boosters is raising money to support these programs with guest speakers, field trips, exhibitions and scholarships that will give our students an even greater understanding of the world of Media Arts. Your donation could help pay for:

$50-Equipment Upgrades
$100-Conference Registration Scholarships
$250-Honorarium for Guest Speakers
Any contribution is appreciated

Pavers for Paly

The Media Arts Boosters is sponsoring a wonderful opportunity for you to leave a legacy; purchase a Paly Sidewalk Paver to honor your Student, Teacher, Class, Program or Club. Your personalized, engraved paver (available in 3 different sizes) will be installed in front of the new Media Arts building, slated to open this school year.

Proceeds will go to furnish and equip the building and fund some of their exciting new programs.

Signing up is easy -- simply go to: the Paly WebStore


Publications Donations

Publications - suggested donation - $25 per family

Paly's award-winning journalism publications (The Campanile, C-mag, InFocus, The Paly Voice, Verde, and Viking) will be coming to your home mailboxes and digital inboxes, but we need your financial support for production costs of more than $60,000 per year. Recommended donation is $25 per family. Any amount is appreciated.


Paly Robotics Boosters


You can donate to the Robotics through the Paly WebStore. Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about Paly Robotics. Visit the Robotics Boosters website.

Paly Robotics Boosters in a non-profit organization that raises money to support the school robotics club. The club participates every year in the highly acclaimed FIRST Robotics competition as Team 8.  This year, Paly Robotics is expanding! We are offering a brand new, year-long, after school program of micro-robotics for 9th and 10th graders, and students new to robotics. Under the supervision of a whole team of dedicated mentors, these students will work in teams of 10 on electronics, CAD/design, build/assembly, software/programming, and more.

Expenses for the club include robot parts, materials, machines, computers, software, competition fees and scholarships. We rely on parents' donations and corporate sponsors to maintain the excellence of this program. To support STEM education in our school, please consider making a tax-deductible $150 donation to Paly Robotics Boosters today through the Viking Shoppe. If your student participates on Team 8, your donation will be applied to the participation fee. Any amount is greatly appreciated.  Go Team 8!


PALY Sports Boosters

You can donate to the Sports Boosters and order your Paly Sports Booster Pass through the Paly WebStore.  Also check out and palysportsonline.   Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about Paly Sports Boosters.

Over 800 students participate in at least one sport at Palo Alto High School. We field 45 teams in a variety of sports. The operating budget for PALY athletics is over $200k. These funds are supplied mainly by contributions from the athletes and their families.

Where does the money go?

  • Tournament Fees 12%
  • Uniforms/Equipment 38%
  • Transportation 23%
  • Officials 17%

How can you help?

Your Coaches will collect participation donations during the season, however if you’d like tomake additional donations you can do so at the Paly Store! Suggested donations:

                   $10.00                   $25.00                      $50.00

Donations are Tax Deductible.........              (EIN 770218566)


Paly Theatre Boosters

You can donate to the Theatre Boosters through the Paly WebStore. Click here if you would like to download and print a flyer about Paly Theatre Boosters.

Please help our Theatre Department continue a tradition of quality productions for our community and memorable experiences for our thespian students through your donation to the Paly Theatre Boosters a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Tax ID 51-0486309). For the 2013-2014 year, Paly Theatre plans to perform three shows, Aladdin, Twelfth Night,  and Pride and Prejudice, as well as continue the traditions of “Play in a Day” and student-directed one-acts. Paly Theatre Boosters helps make all of these activities possible.

Yes! I will support Paly Theatre with a tax-deductible gift to Paly Theatre Boosters!


                $50 Patron                     $100 Producer                     $250 Executive Producer                     $ Other

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!