Career Month


Paly's 8th Annual Career Month Speaker Series will take place at lunchtime from Mon., Feb. 29-Thurs, Mar. 10, 2016 in the library.

  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS & FOOD/SUPPLIES NEEDED. FUN opportunity!!! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. And/or mail check to PAHS, Attn: Career & Community Engagement Advisor, Christina Owen. Contact info: cowen at pausd dot org.

Dynamic & inspirational speakers will visit Paly during lunchtime (and Tutorial) to share what they do in a typical day, and how they found the sweet spot between what they love to do, what they're good at, and what the world values.

Students will consume 2,000+ free lunches during the speaker series, and we are working this year to improve the quality of the videos for later reference. So...Your donations are much appreciated! Please make check to PAHS, Attn: Career & Community Engagement Advisor Christina Owen.

Check out last year's 7th Annual Career Month schedule and past presentations here.


See profiles of the Career Month 2015-16 Leadership Team here.