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Appointments with Advisors
After juniors attend C&CC orientation with their U. S. History class at the start of second semester, the college and career advisors meet with juniors on an individual basis. Students are required to complete the Post-High School Planning Survey in Naviance, print it out and bring it to the C&CC to make an appointment with an advisor. To access the survey, login to Naviance, click on the About Me tab and then click on the Post High School Planning Survey hyperlink in the Surveys To Take section (on the left-hand navigation panel).

Students may sign up with Ms. Erber or Ms. Cernobori to discuss college planning, and with Ms. Laguna to speak about career planning and community college options. First meetings should be with students only (parents might want to attend subsequent meetings).


Requesting Courses for Senior Year

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Cernobori, Sandra College Advisor
Gyves, Meri Teacher, Work Experience
Laguna, Crystal Outreach Specialist, Community College & Career Advisor
Larson, Karla Guidance & Career Voc Ed Assistant
Mendoza, Stephanie College Advisor