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Brown, Suzie Registrar
Chen, Betty Counselor, Class of 2019, Maternity Leave Sub for Paige Johnson
Deggelman, Ann TA Program Co-coordinator
Fanciullo, Jaime School Psychologist
Hansen, Laura Psychologist Intern
Johnson, Paige Counselor, Class of 2019
Laguna, Crystal Outreach Specialist, Community College & Career Advisor
Larson, Karla Guidance & Career Voc Ed Assistant
Lipton, Akiko Social Work Intern
Shultz, Susan Counselor, Class of 2016
Singares, Selene Counselor, Class of 2017
Taylor, Charles Counselor, Class of 2018
Tonga, Merilyn Guidance Secretary
Zawacki, Lara School Psychologist
Zepeda, Erika School Psychologist

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