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Oct 7 and Oct 14 - Senior baby ad parent work sessions

Senior baby ad parent work sessions in MAC 101, 3-6 PM.

Bring your baby photos and ad wording and spend some time working on your ad with a yearbook student. You’ll be able to pay for the ad and you’ll get to put your approval on the ad. Contact adviser Brian Wilson with any questions:

Panda Express Restaurant Fundraiser


Thursday Oct 8th  11am - 10pm
Dine at Panda and raise money for the Paly Athletics Program.

You must bring the flyer or an electronic copy of it. Thanks for your support!
Click below to get the flyer

Oct 8 - Senior Class Photo During Advisory

All seniors should report to the football field during advisory on Oct 8th for the traditional senior class photo.

Palo Alto College Fair - Mon., Oct. 12, 2015

Paly will host the Palo Alto College Fair on Mon., Oct. 12, 2015 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  

Colleges interested in participating should email

For a list of participating colleges, click here.

Students - Need help logging into MyPAUSD/Schoology or Infinite Campus?

Please read the information that pertains to the problem that you have. If you still need help after reading the information below, there is a link at the bottom of the page where you can request help.

  • If you are brand-new to PAUSD (you have never been in PAUSD before, even in elementary school), you were given the default password for both Infinite Campus and MyPAUSD/Schoology. (See below)
    • Your student ID number is your username for both.
    • Infinite Campus will force you to change your password,
    • MyPAUSD will not force you to change your password, but you should.
    • Within MyPAUSD, you should also set your Google Application-Specific password. (You can use the same password that you set your MyPAUSD password to.)
    • Changing the password in either MyPAUSD or Infinite Campus does not change the password in the other
  • If you have ever attended a PAUSD school before (continuing from last year, or left PAUSD and returned)
    • Your MyPAUSD/Schoology password was changed back to the default password at the beginning of this school year. (See below).
    • Your Infinite Campus password has not been changed.
    • Your school email address has changed. (See below).

The default password is:
9 characters - The first 2 are first letter of your official first name and first letter of official last name in lower case. Then the exclamation point (!). The last 6 characters are comprised of your birthday in the form of MMDDYY (two digits each for the month, day, and year of your birthday.)

All students - New email addresses:
Student email addresses are now in the following format:
7 characters followed by (
(The first 2 are first letter of the official first name and first letter of your official last name in lower case. Then the last 5 digits of your student ID number. Then

Click here if you still need help

First Day (Aug 17) PE class meeting location- including "0" period PE - Football stadium bleachers

All PE classes (except Dance classes) will meet at the football stadium bleachers.

The start time for "0" period PE classes on that day is 7:45AM.

Donate to Support Paly Community Scholarships

Please consider making a donation to help fund one or more of these awards in the Paly Community Scholarship Program so our seniors continue to benefit from them in the future.  Thank you.

Seniors - library and textbook lists - check regularly for updates

Seniors, these lists show  all of the textbooks and Library books that remain out, including books that are not yet due. Please be aware that you will not receive a diploma until all books are returned and all bills have been paid.

Textbooks may be returned or paid for at the Auditor's office in the Tower Building.

Library books should be returned or paid for in the library.

Seniors - Book bill list   List updated Tuesday, June 4 at 8:30 AM

Seniors - Overdue Library book list  Updated 5/26/15

NACAC's State of College Admission Report

Data in NACAC’s 2014 State of College Admission report (released May 7, 2015) show that application growth continues for most colleges. For 10 of the past 15 years, more than 70 percent of colleges reported year-to-year application increases. In the midst of this application growth, colleges have increased outreach to transfer and international students, as student pathways to and through higher education have changed. Diversified outreach also comes at a time when growth in the number of high school graduates has leveled off for the foreseeable future.

Among other significant findings in the 2014 State of College Admission report, national data show that the average acceptance rate at four-year colleges increased slightly to 64.7 percent for Fall 2013, after a slight but steady decline from 69.6 percent in 2003 to a low of 63.9 percent in Fall 2012. Students' grades and the academic rigor of their courses continue to rank as top factors in the admission decision, behind standardized test scores, high school class rank, and demonstrated interest in attending.

Science Research Project Presentations April 30

Mark your calendars! The presentation day for all the projects is Thursday, April 30th, from about 2:30PM to about 4:00PM, followed by a reception afterwards for mentors, parents and students with some food to nibble on.

Gala event!

Be wowed by incredible feats of intellect and Science!

Come and be seen hobnobbing with the elite of the Student Intelligentsia.

Program included here!  Can't tell Asteroids from Apoptosis without one!

Paly Service Day THANKS! + Spring President's Award

Thank you, Parents!!!!! For ALL your support of 6th Annual Paly Service Day, a NiOS school-wide collaboration to "Make a Change!" 520 students Got Involved to benefit 25 causes on campus, and another 325 Got Involved on the field trips to 23 off-campus sites. 56 parents chaperoned all of the projects and dozens more donated $6,000+ and in-kind supplies to make it happen. You are the best. :)

Congratulations to 70 Vikings who qualified for the President's Award for Volunteer Service 2nd semester! Paly students document between 30,000-40,000 hours of service to the local, national, and international communities each year, giving back to the causes they care about. See the list here. Recipients please watch email and surface mail for your invitation to the ceremony to be held at Paly on Thursday, May 21st at 7pm in the Library. Way to Get Involved, Paly. 

Retired Paly Staff Reunion - May 16

Spread the word!


Saturday, May 16
10:45 AM Campus tour
12 noon  BYO picnic
Paly Tower Building Patio

Our pilot project! All retired Paly staff invited!

Bring your own lunch and visit with friends. 

If you would like a campus tour with Guide Extraordinaire Arne Lim, meet on the patio at 10:45 AM.

Around noon, gather back on the patio and enjoy your own picnic with your Paly friends from the past.  

No RSVP required. 

Questions? See or contact Edie( or Kaye(

Thanks from Edie Miller, Kaye Paugh, Sandra Pearson, Meredith Warren and Joan Wrenn

Athletic Tryouts- Monday 2/2

Spring sport tryouts begin on Monday, February 2 for all teams.

Details can be found on our Spring Sports Tryouts page.

General athletics information is available on our Athletics page.

Health Information and Resources

Check out our resources on physical and mental health at:

You can also navigate to the above page through the student and parent menus by clicking on "Health Services and Policies"

PAUSD Health and Wellness Information for Parents and Staff
The health of our students is important, the web page offers information that may be helpful to your family.  This includes health requirements, forms for student health conditions, lice policy and general protocols for anaphylactic reaction:  General Protocol for Anaphylactic Reaction Elementary School and General Protocol for Anaphylactic Reaction Secondary School.

Please review the Note from the Nurse article:  Allergies and Anaphylaxis Awareness- Notes from the School Nurse

There are also tips on staying healthy during flu season, mental health resources, and healthy lifestyle articles.

2015 Paly Student Film Festival

2/6/15 - 7-9PM
MAC Atrium
**no cost to attend**

A curated selection of work from late Spring 2014-Winter 2015, showcasing work from the video production and graphic design programs.

Graphic Design presents movie posters inspired by and in response to student films.  Special thanks to Griffin Bajor for working on the logo for this event.

What can I expect to see?

Beginning video production presents silent 'first films,' horror & German Expressionist-influenced films focused on 'individuals and difference,' and enviro-comedies that take aim at the Greenlight Film Festival here in Palo Alto.

Advanced students share original poetry adaptations that took aim at Scholastic’s Art and Writing Awards for Film, take part in the 'individuals and difference' unit and take on an 8-hour challenge examining science fiction, technology and schools.  We will screen works submitted to San Francisco International Film Festival and Cinequest—'qualifier' film festivals for the Oscars.  Three were invited to screen at Cinequest in the high school student competition.

Late Spring 2014 students present non-linear, recursive, postmodern narratives focused on dilemmas and outcomes.  Advanced students present minimalist and statement-driven 'Dogma 95' films meant to capture truth of the 'here and now.'

Will there be awards?

(4) student films from the 2014/15 school year will receive awards for 'Critics' Choice'--films recognized by a Los Angeles and New York based group of Mr. Griffith's peers working as independent, features and commercial filmmakers or academics within higher education.

Paly Band Students make the Santa Clara County Honor Band


These Paly Band Students won the audition in December to be able to perform in the Santa Clara County Honor Band this past Sunday.  They attended two weekends of rehearsals which culminated in last Sunday’s concert.

Front Row:  Celia Willner (10) Clarinet, David Willner (10) Trumpet, Kim Markevitch (10) Bass Clarinet, Clara Wolfe (11) clarinet, Gregor Dairaghi (10) Bassoon

Back Row:  Richard Cao (12) Trumpet, Alan Huang (10) Saxophone, Nick Hopple (11) Trombone.