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Real Food Fun Event - Sept 8

Titans in the fieeld of nutrition, health and obesity discuss health impacts of sugar.

Click here for details.

Back to School Night Schedule - Thurs, Sept 1

Thursday, September 1st is the date of Paly’s annual BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT. It will be a full day of school for both students and staff.  On Back-to-School Night, you will have an opportunity to meet your student(s) teachers by following an abbreviated class schedule.  Each period will be 10 minutes long with 5 minutes allowed for passing between classes. Please ask your student(s) to complete the attached schedule before the event.  This will help us start on time and keep us on schedule. Please be prepared to move quickly between periods. 

Note:   All PE classes will meet in the LCR and EWC (library). Dance class will meet in the Dance Studio (Room A1  which is located in the hallway between the 200 and 300 buildings).  Coaches & athletic teams will not meet this evening.

Click here for printable schedule

Robotics Informational Meetings- Aug 30

Paly Robotics Student Info Day
Tuesday, August 30, 3-5pm, in the Paly Library LCR
Paly students interested in joining the Paly Robotics Team are encouraged to attend this information session.  This event will include an informational presentation, robot demo, lab tour, and details on how to apply to join the team.  Contact Kenny Cheung at for questions.

Paly Robotics Parent Info Night
Tuesday, August 30, 7-9pm in the Paly Library LCR
Parents of prospective robotics members are encouraged to attend this introduction to the Paly Robotics Team.  The evening will include an introductory presentation, robot demo, lab tour, application details, and information on how parents can help support the team.  Please note that the Schoology post that went out a couple days ago stated the outdated and incorrect date for this event.  Contact Kenny Cheung at for questions.

Double your PiE donation now through Sept. 6th.

Join us!  Together we strengthen our schools

PiE has launched its 2016-17 fundraising campaign. We ask you to join us as our kids need the support of the whole community.

PiE funds go to every Palo Alto district school and give each principal the funding needed to staff many programs that make a difference for the students and families at each school. From our STEAM-focused electives teachers, caring guidance counselors and teacher advisors to social emotional learning, PiE-funded staff make a positive impact on our kids at PALY every day. For more details on the impact of PiE funds at PALY please click here.

Between now and September 6, you can double your impact via the $500,000 BTS Challenge Grant which matches every dollar donated to PiE. Please donate today! Click here to donate online.

Deadline for yearbook senior portraits and parent baby ads is October 13.

Senior portraits can be taken by any professional photographer (there are plenty of good ones in the Palo Alto area!), or can be taken by one of our yearbook students on the quad (date TBA). If you have not yet made an appointment with a photographer, you should definitely do that sooner rather than later. You can find more info and get our specifications sheet on the yearbook website:
As for baby ads, you can submit photos/message/form/payment to Mr. Wilson’s mailbox in the main office. We will also have two parent work sessions, where you can bring all of your materials, get photos scanned, and go over a design plan with one of our yearbook students. These will be held open-house style on October 6 and October 11, from 12:30 until approximately 5:30. These are drop-in times; plan on anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how detailed you want to get. Again, you can find the form and more detailed info at
Please feel free to email Madrono Yearbook Adviser Brian Wilson at if you have any questions!

New York Times Available Unlimited Access on All Devices

Unlimited access to the New York Times is available to the Paly community. Simply go to  nytimes/passes  and make an account using a PAUSD issued email address.  The account is good for one year. 

Need help logging into Infinite Campus (IC)?

If you are a student, and

  1. You KNOW YOUR PASSWORD, and you receive a message that your account is disabled
    Student accounts get disabled two ways:
    1. This is the most frequent reason- Your parents have not completed the Annual Data Update (ADU).
      1. Once the ADU is completed, your account will be reactivated within an hour. NOTE: This reactivation was not working on Saturday, Aug 6, but it has been fixed.
      2. Parents can get IC help at:
    2. You tried the wrong password too many times. Send an email to Mona Siegel at <>.
  2. You don’t remember your password
    1. Click on the orange “HELP” on the IC portal sign in page. Do not ask for help until you have tried that first. If you still need help, email Mona Siegel at <
    2. If you have already tried so many times with the wrong password that your account was locked, please email Mona Siegel at <>.
  3. You are new and have never activated your Infinite Campus account (the password below only works for new students who have NEVER attended a PAUSD school in the past. If you are new but attended a PAUSD school in the past, send an email to <> and mention that you are a RETURNING student):

    Username:  student ID :  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________
    Password:   9 characters - The first 2 are first letter of your official first name and first letter of  your official last name in lower case. Then the exclamation point (!). The last 6 characters are comprised of the birthday in the form of MMDDYY

    You will change your password but the username is always your student ID number.)

    Example: student Joe Viking with birthday of July 4, 2001 would have an initial password of: jv!070401

If you are a parent and you don't remember how to log into Infinite Campus, go to

Summer Counseling Resources

Family and Children’s Services offers individual and family counseling.
They can be reached at (650) 326-6576.
These services can be offered on a sliding fee schedule.

Adolescent Counseling Services offeres individual and family counseling.
They can be reached at (650) 424-0852.
These services can be offered on a sliding fee schedule.

Asian Americans for Community Involvement offers individual and family counseling.
They can be reached at (408) 975-2735.
These services can be offered on a sliding fee schedule.

If you have any questions or cannot afford any of the above services, contact the Student Services Office at (650) 833-4208 or

Below you will also find links to various websites that may be helpful for families in addressing the topic of sexual abuse.

For a more comprehensive list of resources, go to Counseling and Crisis Resources

Swim Team members add titles at State Meet

The Swim Teams wrapped up an amazing 2016 season at the State Meet this weekend and added to their collection of titles.

Paly Swim and Dive STATE TITLES  in

  1. Girls Diving - Mimi Lin
  2. Girls 200 medley relay - Zoe Lusk, grace Zoe, Katie Francis, Claire Lin
  3. Girls 200 free relay - grace Zhao, Zoe Lusk, Payton wang and claire Lin
  4. Boys 200 free style - Alex Liang
  5. Boys 500 free style - Alex Liang


  • The girls swim/dive team was 2nd in the STATE.
  • The Boys swim/dive team was 4th in the STATE

Paly Math Students do it again!

The team of Paly students who last year won the 17th Annual National High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) and represented the US in the 1st International Math Modeling Contest,  Kathryn Li, Kangrong (Allison) Zhang, Eric Foster and Andrew Lee DID IT AGAIN this year!

Click the link below to see the official announcement:



May events in the new Performing Arts Center

Although the Grand Opening is not until October, band and choir students will have their year-end concerts in the new Performing Arts Center:

May 12 7pm Paly Instrumental Concert including Jazz Band
May 18th 7pm Theater 1-4H Showcase
May 19th 7pm Choir Small Ensemble Concert

There will be no concert on May 9th.   The May 9th Jazz Band Concert has been combined with the 12th Concert.  Thanks to Jeff and the musicians for being flexible.

Support the arts at Paly.

Click here for more information about the Performing Arts Center.

Paly Band and Orchestra Win Top Spot at New York Heritage Festival

On March 18th, the Paly Band and Orchestra went to New York City to compete in the Heritage Festival and do many New York things!

Both groups performed beautifully and scored in the mid to high nineties, good enough to win top honors in their class and the highest score of all the instrumental programs in the festival.

Emma Hmelar, Alan Huang, Cassandra Chum, Celia Willner and Ely Wing each won individual awards.

The students also did lots of sight seeing, heard the New York Philharmonic in concert, and saw Aladdin on Broadway. 

Congratulations to all the Paly Music students who worked so hard to make this trip a success!

Support our seniors. Learn more about Rise Together Education

Rise Together Education is dedicated to improving college graduation rates by providing mentoring and financial resources to low-income Palo Alto High School students and graduates, who have excelled academically and been accepted to 4-year colleges or 2-year community colleges with a direct transfer agreement.

Rise Together Education provides multi-year mentoring and  scholarships to eligible low-income Palo Alto High School students and  graduates.

Students are connected to mentors in 11th grade and continue to  receive mentoring through college for as long as necessary.

You can support Rise Together Education by making a tax deductible donation. To donate, please send a check to:
Rise Together Education
PO Box 29
380 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Or submit via PayPal at

Tax ID:  47-4128680​

OneSearch Discovery New Global Research Tool

Use the OneSearch Discovery box on the Library page to search for all kinds of resources from print books, e-books, news and academic articles.  Or connect to the Library Passwords LibGuide to search our great collection of academic and news databases.  Find the LibGuide on the MyPAUSD student portal.

Contemplate the Universe in the Library

Check out the Astrophysics display in the Library.  It's out of this world