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As of July 2016, log into Infinite Campus, Schoology, Google Drive, and Bob directly through our new portal: (Once logged in, there is a link to webmail, but you still log into webmail separately, so you do NOT need to log into first.)

Infinite Campus documentation is in "resources" in the <palystaff> group in Schoology.


Bob (Click on Bob after you log into

  • Schoology Intro Video
  • Directory - find direct-dial and phone extensions for PAUSD staff
  • HR
    • absence-reporting (sub-finder - please use even if you do not need a sub - it lets everyone know that you are not on campus in case of an earthquake or other emergency); benefits; etc.

Paly Staff Handbook (new for 2015-16)
Google document- will ask you to log into Bob in order to view

Track-a-Vike Tutorial Attendance Tracking login (link added 8-28-13)

Track-a-Vike Tutorial Attendance Tracking Instructions (revised 8-28-13)


Textbook Tracker web login - Does not work with some versions of Firefox.

Textbook Tracker instructions - These instructions are for the installed Textbook Tracker program rather than the Web-based version. The Web-based version runs very much the same as the installed, so these instructions will also be helpful to the Web users too.

Tech Help

Staff Facilities Reservations