Photo of PE Dept staff 2019-20
Physical Education staff 2019-20

Grading and Attendance

Each Paly Physical Education/Dance student begins the semester with an “A”.   Grades are based on participation, enthusiasm, cooperation, and completed fitness tests.  Students are required to fully participate in the Physical Education class.  Daily participation for 70% of the days is required in order to earn a semester grade.  Make-up work is required to earn points for excused absences.   Students are required to dress in the Paly PE uniform.  “Loaner” PE clothes are available on a limited basis, and lockers will be issued to each student.

Medical Excuses

A parent note may excuse a student for up to 3 days of participation and attendance is required.  Medical excuses vary by student and situation and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Paly Athletic Teams and Independent Study PE Prep Policies

Enrollment in PE is required.

Proper use of the “prep” period is strongly encouraged.  The “prep” period is a privilege and is meant to be used for studying and/or working with individual teachers.

Release from Physical Education class happens when:

  1. Student’s name appears on the official team roster/Independent Study PE list;
  2. Student completes required fitness tests and course requirements to date;
  3. Student turns in his Athletic Prep PE Form to his PE Teacher. Get the form here: PE prep form for athletes.

Students are required to return to PE at the end of the season or if the student leaves the team in mid-season.  Unexcused absences may not be cleared if the student fails to follow the stated requirements.

Independent Study is available to students who have completed their freshmen year of Physical Education at Paly.
These criteria also must be met to be eligible for Independent Study:

  1. The student has a minimum of three years of prior experience in the activity.
  2. Qualifying experience is year-round instruction/training on a 5-6 days per week.
  3. Student trains a minimum of 15 hours per week under appropriate supervision of a qualified Coach.
  4. Student’s sport cannot be a sport offered by Paly’s Athletic program.

Independent Study PE applications are available upon request from the Physical Education Instructional Supervisor during the first 2 weeks of the school year.