Photo of Special Education Department staff

All students with IEP’s are supported with their Individualized Post-Secondary Transition Plans through Paly’s 3-Tiered Guidance System, in conjunction with their IEP supports and services.   All students are assigned a Teacher Advisor (TA) and attend Paly’s Advisory classes, with the exception of students who are on a Certificate of Completion path.  For all questions or concerns related to post-secondary planning for students with IEP’s, students’ case managers are the first point of contact as they coordinate all components of students’ Individualized Education Programs, including their post-secondary plans and corresponding post-secondary goals.

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Palo Alto Patch

The Palo Alto Technology Collaboration Hub (PATCH) was created to support students, staff, and parents, working together as collaborative teams to find ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY & ACCESSIBILITY solutions.

Palo Alto Community Advisory Committee for Special Education

SELPA1 CAC (serving Los Altos, Mountain View & Palo Alto) (link is external)

Foothill College - Adaptive Learning and Disability Services (PDF)

LD Resources - coming soon (College and Career Center)

Colleges for students with Disabilities- coming soon (College and Career Center)