Logging into the ID (RapidIdentity) Portal

You access most student services (Infinite Campus, Schoology, Google Drive) through the ID.PAUSD.ORG portal.

All students: Username = student ID number.

If you are brand new to PAUSD and have never logged into ID.PAUSD.ORG, your password is as follows:
Password:   9 characters - The first 2 are first letter of your official first name and first letter of  your official last name in lower case. Then the exclamation point (!). The last 6 characters are comprised of the birthday in the form of MMDDYY.
(You will change your password but the username is always your student ID number.)

Example: Joe Viking with birthday of July 4, 2001 would have an initial password of:

If you have been a PAUSD student (Paly or any other school) and you don’t remember your password,try to reset it yourself by clicking on “need help” on the id.pausd.org webpage.

After exhausting all self-help options, send an email to Mrs. Siegel <msiegel@pausd.org>.

Resetting ID Portal Password

Log into the ID (RapidIdentity) Portal and click on "Profiles" on the left-hand side of the page.

Then click on "Reset Password"

Enter "old" password and then "new" password twice.

Save. Within a few minutes, the new password will be synced to all products (Schoology, Google, Infinite Campus, etc.)

PAUSD.org detailed instructions: https://www.pausd.org/password-reset-instructions

Infinite Campus

If you CAN log into ID.PAUSD.ORG, but when you click on Infinite Campus (IC), you receive a message that your account is disabled:

Student accounts get disabled two ways:

1. This is the most frequent reason- The parents have not completed the Annual Data Update (ADU).
     a. Once the ADU is completed, the student’s account is reactivated within an hour.
     b. Parents can get IC help at: https://www.pausd.org/teaching-learning/infinite-campus.

2. You tried the wrong password too many times. Send an email to Mona Siegel at <msiegel@pausd.org to have your account reactivated, but be advised that it may take more than a day for a reply during the first few weeks of August.


If you see the wrong classes in Schoology, and you have waited one day after your schedule change took effect in Infinite Campus, visit Mrs. Siegel in P-2, or send an email to her at <msiegel@pausd.org>.

Checking out a Chromebook

In order to borrow a chromebook from Paly, students must have the following forms printed and signed by both the student and parent:

Once students have the forms above printed and signed, they can check out a chromebook in portable P-2.

Using Chromebooks

Log in using your PAUSD student email address and ID portal password.

If you are unable to log into a school-owned chromebook, log into the ID (RapidIdentity) Portal on a computer and follow the password reset process above to re-sync all apps in the ID portal.

Google Drive

If you are having trouble with your Google Drive, especially integration with Schoology and/or Turnitin, make sure that you are using your PAUSD student email address for ALL of the products.

If you continue to have problems. Please come to P-2 for help.

Student Email

Student email address: flxxxxx@pausd.us
f = first letter of first name (lowercase)
l = first letter of last name (lowercase)
xxxxx = last 5 digits of student ID

Teachmore (Tutorial app)

The Teachmore (Tutorial) app is available in the ID (Rapidentity) Portal.


Naviance accounts are NOT part of the ID portal. You have a different Naviance username and password than portal username and password.

If you are a student in the classes of 2019, 2020 or 2021:

     The first time you use Naviance in Advisory, you will be given a registration code, which you use to activate your Naviance account.

     You choose your own username, which is usually an email address (any email address you choose). If you need help with Naviance, contact Karla Larson at <klarson@pausd.org>.

     (Note: For new students at the beginning of the school year, this is important for juniors and seniors.)

If you are a student in the class of 2022:

     Your Naviance account has been activated for you.

     Your Naviance username is your student ID

     Your default Naviance password is:
     9 characters - The first 2 are first letter of your official first name and first letter of  your official last name in lower case. Then the exclamation point (!). The last 6 characters are comprised of the birthday in the form of MMDDYY.


To connect a device to the PAUSD wireless network:

  • Select the PAUSD network (students and staff. Parents should use the "PAUSD Guest" network.)
  • Log in with your PAUSD credentials.

  • Trust the certificate if asked

  • Enter the username and password for your device if asked.

  • There are additional settings for Android, Chrome and Windows devices. Please come to P2 for assistance if needed.

NOTE: If you have previously connected to PAUSD Guest network, you might need to "forget" or "delete" that network from saved settings. Please come to P2 if you need help.