Peer Tutoring Center (formerly ARC)

What is the Peer Tutoring Center?

The Peer Tutoring Center is a welcoming place for all students to receive tutoring help, collaborate with other students, study quietly, and borrow books.

Email address:

Peer Tutoring Center Hours:

Monday, Wednesday:   9:30 - 4:30
Tuesday, Thursday:      9:30 - 4:00
Friday:                          9:30 - 2:00

How to Get a Tutor:

Students are invited to simply fill out a "Tutor Request Form", which is available in the Peer Tutoring Center or can be obtained at: Request for Tutor - Tutee Form . Students need one form for each class in which help is requested and need to list all available times. Students are then matched with a qualified peer or adult volunteer. Most students meet once or twice a week with their tutors. Food is allowed in the room, so lunchtime is popular!

How to Apply to be a Tutor:

We encourage AP students and others who feel competent to tutor specific subjects to fill out an Academic Tutor Scheduling Form, which is available in the Peer Tutoring Center or can be obtained at: Tutor Sign-Up Form. Tutors will be matched with a student who has the same availability

Other Services

  • Textbooks
    The Peer Tutoring Center keeps many of the textbooks used in PALY classes, plus some older editions which are still very useful. You may sign one out at a time.
  • Professional Tutors
    The Peer Tutoring Center provides a list of professional tutors and tutoring services. It's comprised of tutors who have submitted their materials to the Peer Tutoring Center. They have NOT been screened and/or approved by Palo Alto High School. Parents and Guardians are responsible for any screening or selecting of tutors. Come in and ask for it if you would like a copy.

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