Bell Schedule Review Committee Charge

The charge of the Bell Schedule Review Committee (BSR) is to investigate, analyze and recommend a schedule that will optimize student learning and well-being.

Any schedule recommendations that come from this committee must meet the following criteria:

  • Consider the number of class periods that meet each day to reduce the pace and homework load for students and teachers
  • Dedicate time for curriculum to deliver social-emotional learning (SEL) and/or college/career planning
  • Maintain the length of block class periods to support project-based learning, authentic assessment, and instruction aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • Dedicate time for teacher collaboration (PLCs) to align and enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Consider instructional time to be reasonably compatible at both high schools
  • Recommendation will meet state requirements and be supported by current research and evidence about student learning and well-being


Items to consider:

  • Flex/tutorial time
  • Advisory time
  • Consistent start time
  • Later start time
  • Impact on athletics and extra-curriculars
  • Impact on traffic Patterns/City of Palo Alto
  • Special Schedules - (Club Day, Field Day, AMC testing, etc…)
  • Four-day weeks
  • Grade level assemblies
  • Minimum days/Flex Days
  • In Focus broadcasting - When? How long?
  • Off-campus courses (Early Childhood Development)
  • Time for SEL/School Culture capacity building

  • Small Learning Environments

  • Master School Calendar

  • Impact on part-time employees

  • Consistency is important

  • Consider the enrollment bubble projected
  • Opportunity to pilot new schedule and develop implementation plan