Biking/Walking to Paly

Did you know that the majority of Paly students walk or bike to school when weather permits?  New and returning students are encouraged to check out the new Paly Walk and Roll Map, which shows suggested routes to school by foot or by bike from all directions.

Paly Walk and Roll map

This new resource highlights information not included on driving maps, including multi-use paths, underpasses or bridges for bicyclists and pedestrians only and campus bike parking locations.  Many students will be able to find a route that can get them to school efficiently while avoiding congestion on higher volume roads like Embarcadero.

Sharing the road safely with all other users is covered on the reverse side of the map, including updated tips for safe biking and walking as well as tips for teen drivers and parents driving their student to Paly.
For more tips, please see page 2 of the Paly Walk and Roll map.

Locking your bike

We recommend that students use metal U-shaped locks for the best security as the school is not responsible for bike thefts. Cable locks are easy to cut and therefore are not deterrents to bike thieves.  Bike cages on campus are NOT locked during school hours to accommodate students’ diverse schedules.

Be sure to lock both the frame and tires to the rack.  One way to do this is to use a U-lock to attach the bike frame and front tire to the rack and use a cable lock to attach the other tire to the rack.  Two U-locks could also work.  The picture with the red bike below shows another excellent way to lock your bike. You can find U- and cable locks that use combinations, not keys, so there are no keys to lose.

The school directs students who report their bike theft to the custodians’ offices just in case it was found and placed in there for safe keeping.  If there is a license on the bike, the school notifies the police to find the owner.  If there is no license on the bike, the school stores the bikes in the custodians office.  Sometimes a student will lock his/her bike with another and the lock must be broken by the custodians, and to prevent theft of leaving an unlocked bike, the bikes are taken and stored by the custodians.

Thefts should be reported to the school office and to the Palo Alto Police Department, 650-329-2413. Having your bicycle registered will help track stolen/abandoned bikes back to you.  You may bring your bike to any Palo Alto Fire Station from 4-5pm any day of the week for registration.

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