CCS Sportsmanship Policy

The member schools of the CIF/Central Coast Section are committed to providing a sportsmanlike environment for students, coaches and spectators.  To that end, the CIF/Central Coast Section has adopted the following sportsmanship and crowd control recommendations.  Each member school is requested to commit itself to implementing these recommendations and completing the enclosed sportsmanship contract.

A person who can take a loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating, and who treats his/her opponents with fairness, courtesy and respect.

1. The following are expected to be role models demonstrating sportsmanship at all times:

  • principal/administrative staff
  • athletic directors
  • coaches, players and cheerleaders
  • faculty members
  • booster club members, AND
  • band members and band directors

2. Coaches, players and spectators will respect the integrity and judgment of sports officials.

3. The conduct of coaches, players and cheerleaders generally sets the tone for CIF/CCS school contests.  They will be expected to maintain the highest level of decorum at all CCS/CIF school contests.

4.    The following behavior is unacceptable at all CIF/CCS high school contests:

  • berating your opponent's school or mascot
  • berating opposing players
  • obscene cheers or gestures
  • negative signs
  • artificial noise makers
  • complaining about officials' calls (verbally or with gestures)

5.   The following action plans are recommended for implementation at all CIF/CCS school contests.

        a.    A script should be provided to the announcer that includes:

  • Welcome statement
  • Sportsmanship Expectations
  • Acknowledgement and introduction of game officials  (note:  There should be a short statement enduring the officials as neutral persons who have been certified as officials by the appropriate officials association)
  • Introduction of players
  • Sponsorship recognition (when appropriate)

        b.  Include the CIF Code of Ethics and/or the 16 Principles of the Pursuing Victory   with Honor program in the game program (these are found in the front cover of   both the CIF and CCS Constitution and Bylaws

        c.  Each participating school's administration is expected to emphasize sportsmanlike behavior at all CIF/CCS school contests:

  • This shall be directed to coaches, players, cheerleaders and spectators in the day(s) prior to the contest.
  • Rallies, team meetings, faculty meetings and spirit club meetings, school bulletins and PA announcements are all appropriate venues.
  • Contact the principal or administrator-in-charge of the opponent's school at least one day prior to contests as appropriate to promote practical applications of sportsmanship and to ensure the proper environment for the contests.

        d.  It is the responsibility of the administration of each participating school to   designate an administrative representative who will:

  • check in with the site manager 30 minutes prior to the game time and establish where he/she will be throughout the contest.
  • enforce the highest standards of sportsmanship within his/her own student body.
  • contact the administrative representative of the opponent's school to report any violations of sportsmanship by either school's supporters.

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