About the College & Career Center


The Paly C&CC is located on the first floor of the Tower Building, next to the Guidance Office and across the hallway from the Attendance Office, in the northwest corner of the building facing El Camino Real and Embarcadero Road.


The doors are open whenever school is in session, usually 8:15 AM - 3:30 PM.
Meetings with college and career advisors can be scheduled during the school day.

Front Desk

The front desk is staffed by parent volunteers who can help with all aspects of C&CC activities. Contact the reception desk by calling (650) 329-3818.


College advisors, career advisors and parent volunteers are in the C&CC to help students and parents. A staff member is always available to help answer questions and to help find information.

Meeting with College and Career Advisors

After attending C&CC orientation with their US History classes in January, juniors may schedule individual meetings with college and career advisors. 
Since the months of April and May are very busy in the C&CC, it is advisable to make an appointment soon after orientation. 
What can students expect from the first individual appointment with a college advisor?
- Getting to know the student. The Post High School Planning Survey is important for the advisors to have in advance, to prepare for the meeting; it serves as a springboard for discussion.
- We will have a copy of the student's transcript and PSAT scores.
- We will discuss course selection for senior year, college eligibility requirements, including testing plans, and discuss the student's out-of-classroom pursuits and college preferences to direct him/her to resources for researching potential schools. Meetings may lead to some concrete school suggestions and/or recommendations for further exploration.
- We will never tell a student not to apply to any given school but will be honest about how to use tools to gather information to estimate the likelihood of admission based on some admissions data.
- We often distribute handouts relevant to points of our discussion (but avoid redundancy with what was given at orientation). Each student and his/her advisor gets a copy of a Follow Up checklist, a summary and/or to-do list from our meeting.
Students are encouraged to come in with an open mind to possible choices.

Scheduling Appointments

  • In the fall, appointments are reserved for seniors; juniors have priority in the spring.

    Any student can drop in at brunch and lunch or any Advisory that's not for their grade-level to ask advisors questions. And, on Fridays at lunch, look for the Ask Alice table in front of the student center where you can find Ms. Erber and maybe even walk away with some college swag. 

  • During the first meeting with a college advisor, it is preferable to meet with just the student (parents might want to attend subsequent meetings).

  • Students can meet with College Advisors during their prep period, during Tutorial, or after school. Students with last names starting with A-K will meet with Ms. Cernobori; students with last names L-Z will meet with Ms. Erber.  Students interested in community college (for career/vocational training, Associates degrees, or preparation for transfer) will meet with Mrs. Laguna.

  • For the first appointment, studens must omplete the Post High School Planning Survey in Naviance (click on the About Me tab and then the survey in the left-hand navigation panel), print it out, and bring it to the C&CC to schedule your meeting.   

    If you've misplaced your Naviance login information or need your password reset, please contact Mrs. Larson (klarson@pausd.org) or drop by the C&CC.

Use reference materials

  • Books, catalogs, brochures and other materials are available.

  • The Viking College and Career Planning Guide is a great source of information. The guide is revised yearly in April.

  • Materials may be used in the C&CC or checked out for one week at a time.

Use web resources

Students and parents can use the C&CC computer (or any web-enabled computer) to access web sites such as Naviance for researching colleges, financial aid, testing organizations, internship and employment opportunities, career interest surveys, summer programs, and community service options.

Meet visiting college representatives

Pick up test registration materials

  • Forms for standardized tests are located inside the office door, near the front desk.

  • Standardized test registration materials and practice booklets in the C&CC include PSAT (a National Merit Scholarship qualifying test), SATSAT subject tests, and ACT tests. Practice books for many of these tests, as well as  AP tests, are available for students to use in the C&CC or to check out for a short period of time.

Prepare for employment

  • Students can sign up for classes offered at Paly after school: Exploratory Experience and Work Experience.

  • There are a number of alternatives for what to do after high school graduation. 

  • Information about ROP (Regional Occupational Programs) is available. The program in Santa Clara provides skill training to high school juniors and seniors, as well as out-of-school youth and adults.

Obtain work permits and forms

Community Service



Cernobori, Sandra College Advisor, A-K
Deggelman, Ann TA Program Co-coordinator
Gyves, Meri Teacher, Work Experience
Laguna, Crystal Outreach Specialist, Community College & Career Advisor
Larson, Karla Guidance & Career Voc Ed Assistant
Ludemann, Krissy Registrar
Mendoza, Stephanie College Advisor, L-Z

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