Career Planning

Career Exploration

You can use these free online resource to identify and learn how to prepare for a career that suits your skills, values, interests, and personality.

Find information about hundreds of careers, questionaires to assess your interests and aptitudes, a job matching tool to suggest career paths for you to consider. Get specific information about each job listing - including educational requirements, related majors, and the academic institutions in California that offer those majors.

In addition, you can assemble your career portfolio to store and track the results of your career exploration.

CA Career Zone
California Colleges
California Career Center

Explore Careers and Majors in Naviance

Explore Interests
A career interest survey about interest in types of work activities. Use the results to explore suggested occupations; examine the education, training, and skills required [and where to obtain them], as well as wages typical for these occupations.

  1. Click the Careers tab.
  2. Click the Career Interest Inventory link under the What Are My Interests? section.

Do What You Are
A personality survey. Use the results to explore suggested college majors and careers based on your preferences and strengths.

  1. Click the About Me tab.
  2. Click the Personality Type link under the Interesting Things About Me section.


Create a résumé in Naviance

  • Record your high school activities, awards, volunteer experience, etc.
  • Rearrange your information into multiple printable versions of a résumé that you can use to present to potential employers or colleges in the future.
  1. Click the About Me tab.
  2. Click the Résumé link under the Interesting Things About Me section.


Cernobori, Sandra College Advisor, A-K
Deggelman, Ann TA Program Co-coordinator
Gyves, Meri Teacher, Work Experience
Laguna, Crystal Outreach Specialist, Community College & Career Advisor
Larson, Karla Guidance & Career Voc Ed Assistant
Ludemann, Krissy Registrar
Mendoza, Stephanie College Advisor, L-Z

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