Non-4 Year College Post High School Options

  1. Gap Year: Allows students to grow and mature and recover from burn out. Options include established programs for personal growth, travel, service (City Year), internships in National Parks and 13th year programs for students who want to improve their grades and study a bit before college. These are usually at eastern prep schools.
  2. Community Colleges:  Wonderful opportunities for students who want to learn something specific or for students who want to transfer to four year schools who may need the financial benefit of community college or who need more time at home or need to improve their academic record.
    • Certificate programs: Programs prepare students for careers such as Dental Assistant, Fashion Design, Commercial Music, Graphic Design, Fire Technology, Engineering Technology, Auto Tech, nursing, x-ray tech, Etc. Students often complete a certificate program and then can work at higher paying jobs to finance the rest of their education.
    • Transfer Agreements: Each Community College has transfer agreements with four year colleges and universities. Students meet with counselors, sign and agreement, and find out which classes are required by which college and follow the prescribed curriculum for the college of their choice. Then if the students take the required classes and get the required grades, they are guaranteed a spot at that college for their junior year.

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For more info, see the Community College section here.

3. Specialty Schools: These schools are often referred to as vocational schools. They offer specific training, usually in shorter periods of time than public schools. They include schools like the X-Pression School for Digital Media in Emeryville, DeVry institute in Fremont, Golden Gate School of Court Reporting, Bryman School for medical assisting, Heald Business College, etc. These schools usually cost more than Community Colleges and the credits earned at them may or may not be transferable to four-year schools.

4. Military: The military is an option for all high school graduates. Eighteen year old boys are required to register with the selective service. They must register in order to be eligible for federal financial aid for college. We do have information and applications for ROTC scholarships in the College and Career Center.



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