Volunteering in the C&CC

The College and Career Center is located on the 1st floor of the Tower Building and is staffed by more than 40 parent volunteers (parents of current 10-12th grade students, only); they serve students and support our college and career advisors by performing administrative tasks and acting as the C&CC receptionist during a weekly 2 hour shift.

Opportunities to work as a substitute or on special projects might also be available. Parents who sign up and work as substitutes and/or who work on special projects, will have priority for open "regular" shifts the following school year. To keep things running smoothly and seamlessly from year to year, we rely on returning volunteers for their experience in helping the CCC run efficiently; returning "regular shift" volunteers have priority over all others.

Registration & Training - 2018 - 2019 school year

All returning parent volunteers are *required* to come to the Returning Volunteer Meeting on Thurs. Aug. 14th at 8:30 AM in room TBD.

Parents of 10th, 11th and 12th graders who would like to become new volunteers, substitutes, or work on special projects should come to a New Volunteer Training Meeting on Thurs., Aug. 14th at 10 AM in room TBD. We currently have 3 open shifts on Tuesdays and the following special project positions:

  • Hospitality (1-2 positions): make ~ 225 treat boxes for college admission representatives visiting Paly Sept. – Nov.
  • Career Programs Fair Chair: work with Crystal Laguna to plan our Career Programs fair in March; hosts ~ 20 private vocational programs and our local community colleges from the Bay Area. The Career Program Chair will help organize and reach out to private vocational programs that may be interested in participating in our fair and with the publicity for the event.
  • Parent Liaison for Career Speakers Series: meet with Career Speakers student committee (dates TBD) and help organize two week Speaker Series that is help in the spring, late Feb/early March; coordinate work with staff leads Beth Martin and Karla Larson

Available shifts will be assigned on a lottery basis with priority given to 12th grade, 11th grade, and 10th grade parents. Attendance at the training is required in order to be eligible to volunteer in C &CC.

New/resuming shifts begin the week of August 14th. For more information, contact C&CC Volunteer Coordinators Dara Knoblock (daraknoblock@gmail.com) or Parissa Mohamadi (parissa_mohamadi@yahoo.com ).

The C&CC holds an open house after each parent night in the Fall so there are other opportunities to get to know more about C&CC. There is also a wealth of information in Naviance and on www.paly.net/college.



Cernobori, Sandra College Advisor, A-K
Deggelman, Ann TA Program Co-coordinator
Gyves, Meri Teacher, Work Experience
Laguna, Crystal Outreach Specialist, Community College & Career Advisor
Larson, Karla Guidance & Career Voc Ed Assistant
Ludemann, Krissy Registrar
Mendoza, Stephanie College Advisor, L-Z

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