If you have recently changed your password, you need to FORGET the PAUSD wireless network on any personal devices in order to force them to authenticate with your new password. If you do not do this, your devices might continue to try to connect to wireless with your old password and you will become locked out of your account. If this happens, please come to portable P-2 for assistance.

To connect a new device to the PAUSD wireless network:

  • Select the PAUSD network (students and staff. Parents should use the "PAUSD Guest" network.)
  • Log in with your PAUSD credentials.

  • Trust the certificate if asked

  • Enter the username and password for your device if asked.

  • There are additional settings for Android, Chrome and Windows devices. Please come to P2 for assistance if needed.

NOTE: If you have previously connected to PAUSD Guest network, you might need to "forget" or "delete" that network from saved settings. Please come to P2 if you need help.