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Temporary Library and Facilities FAQ’s

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Where is the temporary library now located?

The Library is located in four places this year:

  • The Student Center has 100 places for students to work, textbooks, 7 desktop computers, a printer and supplies.
  • P-3 is where the print collection is located. We will work on staffing it as much as possible with current staff and parent volunteers. Classes can always come in to check out books
  • P-5 is a storage area.
  • P-7 is the office for the teacher librarians and the archives. We share this space with the alumni association and the PTSA.

How will the library operate in the new space?

  • Students can browse and checkout in P-3. We will staff this room as much as possible.
  • We might need help recruiting parents to staff this room to keep it open as much as possible.
  • Students and staff have unlimited access to all our online resources via their Student ID portal as usual.
  • We have textbooks students can check out and use in the Student Center
  • We have supplies and space to work for about 100 students in the student center.
  • We will co-teach in classrooms as usual.

What are the library hours?

  • Hours are the same 8:00am-5:00pm

Where can I go for a quiet place to study?

  • Quiet Hours in the library will include
    • Flex (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons)
    • 5th, 6th, 7th periods and from 3:45-5:00
  • The 2nd floor MAC Library will be open throughout the day as an additional “Silent Study Room”

Where is the printer now located?

  • We have one printer/copier in the Student Center that can be accessed through 7 desktop computers
  • We also have a scanner
  • We continue to encourage students to print hard copies at home or elsewhere to the extent possible.

Does this mean we can now eat in the library?

  • Yes! Students can now eat in the library, and we encourage students to clean up after themselves when doing so. And the Student Center will continue to serve hot lunch during brunch and lunch.

What happened to the meeting rooms that were in the library?

  • There is a long table in P-7 which will accommodate 8 people. P-7 is used for the library offices, archives and storage for PTSA and alumni. If the library staff are in P-7, students can use this space. Adults can also use it for small meetings.
  • Room 404, room 407 and the Tower room 33 can be used for larger meeting spaces. Please use Civic Permits to reserve these spaces. Need help? Please contact Vallen Queen for assistance with reserving these rooms.

Where is the testing center now located?

  • The testing center has moved to a more spacious classroom in room 710 .

Where is the Peer Tutoring Center (formerly ARC) now located?

  • The Peer Tutoring Center is now located in room 408 .

Where is the Student Activities Office (SAO)?

  • The SAO is now located in P-8.

What do we do about lockers?

  • During the summer, all of the lockers were emptied, cleaned, painted and moved to various parts of campus. Because of this, all students who would like to use a locker will need to get a new locker. To obtain a new locker, please see Ms. Fatima Giffen, the ASB Bookkeeper. Her office is located in the Tower Building on the 1st floor.

With the library closed, does this mean the MAC is going to be really busy and noisy?

  • Probably. The MAC will be open to all students from 8:15 until 4:30 pm. It will remain opened during lunch, although we do encourage students to eat outside when the weather is nice.
  • A campus supervisor will be permanently stationed in the MAC for supervision.
  • Teachers will no longer be able to reserve the MAC Atrium space for special events or guest speakers during the day. Rather, they will be directed to use the Haymarket Theater instead. Teachers who bring their students into the MAC on occasion or use the breakout spaces will need to be understanding of the fact that we expect there will be more students using the space during their preps. Staff meetings will take place in the PAC or Haymarket so that the MAC will remain opened for students after school.

If I don’t want to go to the library or MAC, what other spaces are available to work?

  • There are a number of resources centers that are open to students throughout the day.
  • These include the Science Resource Center, Math Resource Center, Social Science Resource Center and the new World Language Resource Center (room 403).

What about the new Peery Center?

  • While the library renovation project presents some minor temporary inconveniences for us, we are thrilled to have the incredible Peery Center opened for student use and enjoyment!
  • The Peery Center is already in use by our fall sports teams and will be put to good use with our PE classes.
  • PE locker rooms and PE offices are located underneath the small gym (basement level).
  • The fitness center and weight room are also located underneath the dance studio and wrestling room (basement level).
  • The small gym, dance studio and weight room/fitness center will be open to all students during lunch and Flex.

Click HERE to learn about the Library's Temporary Quarters-Visit Us!

The Library building remodel is underway and should be completed by January 2019 (cross your fingers!).  Visit us in the Student Center to find textbooks, computers, our friendly and helpful staff and seats for 100 students to work.  Visit nearby portable P3 to check out a print book.  Our wealth of online resources including pleasure reading books from Overdrive and ebooks and reference databases are accessible via student and staff ID Portals. 

Learning Environments Free from Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Palo Alto Unified School District is committed to maintaining learning environments that are safe and free from sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination in that it constitutes differential treatment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender, and, for that reason, is a violation of state and federal laws and a violation of PAUSD’s Sexual Harassment policy. PAUSD considers sexual harassment to be a major offense, which will result in discipline and immediate corrective action.

Any person who believes that she or he has been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault shall bring the matter to the attention of the site administrator or the school district's Title IX Coordinator to faciliatate appropriate action.

Title IX complaints may be pursued in several ways:

  1. Report an incident to a school district employee or Principal
  2. Send an email to
  3. Follow the Title IX Grievance Procedures explained in Section I of the District’s Administrative Regulation 1312.3 – Uniform Complaint Procedures
  4. If you want to file an anonymous complaint, complete and submit the anonymous Title IX complaint form

The Title IX Compliance Officer for the District is:

Megan Farrell
Title IX Compliance Officer
Palo Alto Unified School District
25 Churchill Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 833-4248

Below is information and resources on bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault:

Bullying Prevention

Teen Sexual Assault Information: For Parents

Talking to Your Child About Sexual Abuse

Teen Sexual Assault Information: For Teens

Futures Without Violence: Five Signs of a Healthy Teen Relationship

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: Safety and Prevention

YWCA Silicon Valley: Sexual Assault Services

Love is Respect

Rape Trauma Services

Title IX Protections From Bullying & Harassment in School: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

After the Trauma: Helping My Child Cope