The following three items can be found on Naviance:

  1. Post High School Planning Survey  (complete, print, and take to the C&CC to make appt with your College Counselor)
  2. Profile & Info for TA Letters of Rec  (for your TAs use when writing your letter of rec)
  3. Parent Assessment  (Parents – you must be in your own account to access the Parent Assessment)

 To access: login to your Naviance account > click “About Me” > choose “My Surveys”

Short Form

The Teacher Advisor (TA) Request for Information Form is also known as the "Short Form."

Download: The Short Form (PDF)

Download, print and fill in top of the form, and give to the teacher, coach, employer, etc. who can supply helpful information to your TA to complete and return to your TA.  Emails to TA ok.  Remember to thank all who help you.

The Contract

Please  download, print, discuss, sign and turn in to TA: The Contract (PDF)

Text of The "Contract" is below:

Family Discussions and College Decisions

It is the responsibility of each Paly family to have a comprehensive discussion of post-high school plans before the end of junior year.  This family conversation should set parameters that will help the student make realistic choices.

If your junior decides to go to college, he/she should first consider which factors are important in a college.  We consider applications to no more than eight to ten colleges (all University of California campuses considered as one, as are all California State University campuses), carefully selected to cover the range from "reach" school to "safety" back-up, to be sufficient.  Limiting the number of applications will allow students to do their very best work on each one.  A reasonable number will also help students, parents, and the school staff to reduce the time, fees, essays, and extensive paperwork required for each private and out-of-state public application.

In an effort to ensure that each family meets this responsibility before applying to colleges, all parents and students should review the topics listed below, print and sign this “contract,” and return it to the Teacher Advisor.

  • family finances:    Can your family afford the colleges or plans your student is considering? (See below for approximate costs of attendance)
  • For which college features is your family willing to pay?
  • What will your student be asked to contribute?
  • geographical restrictions
  • public universities?  private colleges?
  • special requirements:  e.g., field of study, athletics, religion, support services
  • social environment:  e.g., diversity, school spirit
  • academic environment:  e.g., opportunities in major, pressure, student-teacher ratio

Representative College Costs

Estimates as reported on each college website for the academic year indicated.  Except for Foothill, the costs assume living on campus.

Princeton, 2017-2018: private, $67,100 (excludes transportation)
Stanford, 2017-2018:  private, $71,587 (excludes transportation)
Loyola Marymount, 2017-2018: private, $65,366
Santa Clara, 2017-2018: private, $69,439
U. of Colorado, 2017-2018: public, $52,018 (excludes transportation)
U. of Oregon, 2017-2016: public, $48,629 (excludes transportation)
U.C. San Diego, 2017-2018: public, $31,365
Cal Poly SLO, 2017-2018: public, $27,225
Foothill College, 2017-2018: public, 2-yr. $13,125

Please note these were estimated costs and could differ by individual students.  

College Application Fees to Consider

Online College Application Fee: $70 - $100
Sending Official Transcript: $10 each
SAT or ACT scores (per test, per college): $10 each
Mid-year Transcript (to all colleges requiring): $10 each
Final High School Transcript to your choice college: $10                                               

Estimated costs per application: $120 - $150 Each

Peer Review Form

Download Peer Review Form: Peer Review Form (PDF)

If you wish, fill out the top three lines of this optional form and give it to a friend to fill out and return to your Teacher Advisor. Your friend may have information helpful to your Teacher Advisor when he/she is writing a recommendation. Check to see if your TA prefers e-mail replies.