According to California law, anyone under age 18 must wear a bicycle helmet if using the following modes of transportation: bicycle, non-motorized scooter, skateboard, inline/roller skates or as a passenger. Not wearing a helmet can result in a traffic citation plus traffic class attendance with a parent. PAPD has allocated two traffic officers this year.

Biking, scootering, skating, walking

Here is a map of suggested routes to Paly for bikers and pedestrians. Walk and Roll Map to Paly: This map highlights streets which have less cars and less stop signs. Bryant St. (official bike boulevard) has less cars because parts are blocked off to cars but not bikes (at El Verano Ave., Matadero Creek Bridge, Lowell Ave.) Castilleja Ave. is also an official bike boulevard. Please press the buttons at Churchill to activate the flashing lights before crossing but wait until cars are stopped before crossing and stay alert, be sure the drivers see you before crossing, as they are sometimes looking ahead to the train tracks. Biking is not recommended on the street or sidewalk of Embarcadero Road (too unsafe, too many turning cars). Bikers must dismount from bikes if there is a pedestrian in the bike tunnel (PAPD monitors occasionally). 

Bike Theft: Unfortunately, bike thefts do occur on campus. U-locks are the recommended bike locks; cable locks are easy to cut. Locking the front wheel and frame is helpful.The bike cage is never locked—bicyclists should lock their bikes. For after school activities, we recommend moving your bike to where there are people. Bike registration instructions with QR reader bike stickers are available in the Main Office in the multi-shelf unit in front of the window.

Bike Registration

Bike registration stickers and instructions are available in the Main Office or go to Bike Index website ( It's easier to register on a computer than on a mobile phone because there is no app. Please register under Palo Alto High and the City of Palo Alto. Bike stickers are not necessary but helpful if PAPD or someone else finds your bike because the QR code offers information (otherwise, the serial number can be used. The bike may be registered and QR sticker added later. If your bike is stolen, go to Bike Index and report it stolen. An in-person report to PAPD can also be helpful (check their hours first). Online bike theft reporting to PAPD is unavailable.


Pedestrians at the crosswalk (T&C to Paly) on Embarcadero Rd. should be sure the cars have stopped at the traffic light before stepping off the curb into the crosswalk (even if the pedestrian light indicates to proceed). This is a busy intersection and cars sometimes miss seeing the traffic light or run the red light. A safe alternative is to use the bridge over Embarcadero Rd. which also avoids the long wait at the traffic light.


Please avoid driving on Bryant St. and Castilleja Ave. (official bike routes). Cars on Churchill Avenue may not drive straight over the train tracks (towards El Camino) during 7:45-8:30 am on weekdays (left turn only).

Do not park in the Southgate neighborhood (houses near Churchill Ave.) for more than 2 hours without a Southgate permit (exclusive to the neighborhood).

Parking on campus: Parking permit must be visible, available for purchase at the ASB Bookkeeper’s Office in the Tower Building (for Seniors & Juniors only; limited supply available). Visitors to Paly may pick up a 1-day permit, available in the Main Office, Tower Building. PAPD is responsible for parking enforcement. Parking is available on El Camino until 4:00 but caution must be used entering and exiting the car on this busy street.

Free Shuttles

There are two FREE shuttles which travel on Embarcadero Road. The Embarcadero Shuttle runs approximately every 20 minutes, Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 10:25am and then 3:20pm to 7:15pm.

Both shuttles have times during the middle of the day when they are unavailable.

There are no bells on the shuttles—passengers must tell the driver where they need to stop.
Palo Alto Embarcadero Shuttle including procedures on using the shuttle:

Stanford Tech Line Route Shuttle

Map of Stanford Tech Line Route Shuttle: